After selecting a product and the region you would like to order, you will add it to your cart by clicking the green Add to Cart button.

To purchase more than one AOI go to the map interface select the product you want and select your first AOI, then move to the next area you want and select it, repeat this for as many AOI’s as you need.  To confirm you have all the AOI’s go-to Pan/Zoom and select “Quick Zoom to Selections Extent” and you will see all your AOI’s in yellow.  Once they are all selected click “Add to Cart”.  If you have a shapefile of all your AOI’s you can also use it by uploading it under Select “Upload Polygon”.

The Add to Cart panel will appear. You can choose whether you would like to make a one-time order or purchase a subscription to your selected region of the product.

Prices (not including tax) are calculated automatically. More about prices below.

You can also choose which format(s) and projection(s) you would like to receive your data in.

You can receive your data in an additional format for an extra fee.

When you’re finished making your selections, click the green Add Item button to add the item to your cart. Once an item is in your cart on the right side of the page, you can review the item, or add other items to the cart.

Please note: The prices in the screenshots above may not reflect current pricing.


  • The automatic price calculations may take a few extra moments for large or complex region selections.
  • If the Recalculate Price button appears, you must click it to recalculate the price before you can add the item to your cart.
  • Subscription prices are broken down into the initial cost and annual renewal cost. Learn more about subscriptions and pricing here.
  • Certain products can only be ordered by/after requesting a quote.  Learn more about requesting a quote here