In certain cases, you may be instructed to request a quote and will not be allowed to directly purchase your selected items. In this case, you will see “Request quote for pricing” instead of a price.

Add the item to your cart as usual and then click the green Request Quote For These Items button at the bottom of the cart panel. (You may be asked to sign in before you can send the request.)

Note: Any items with a price will also be sent with your quote and cleared from your cart when you click Request Quote For These Items. If you wish to purchase these and request a quote separately, please remove the priced items from your cart before sending the request and then purchase them afterwards.

Your request will be sent after you click the Request Quote For These Items button. We may contact you if we need more information. You will receive a quote via email, with a direct link to the checkout page, where you can complete your purchase. You must use this link to purchase the products at the quoted price before the expiry date stated in the email.

If your quote has expired and you would still like to purchase the items, please contact support.

After you complete your purchase, the order will show in your Order & Download History and Subscriptions table, if applicable.