The  Personal Order page shows Subscriptions, Orders, and Download History:

  • order ID (useful for referencing when communicating with support)
  • products ordered/downloaded
  • format and projection for each product, if applicable
  • type of order
    • One-Time Order applies to all one-time orders done through the checkout process
    • Subscription applies to new subscription purchases
  • date of the order
  • order total and item prices
  • payment status (Paid, Not-Paid, Invoiced)
  • buttons to download the receipt/invoice PDF, download the data (if still available) and see the region that was purchased

Products are shown as a list by default. To expand the row and show products individually, click the plus button on the left side of the row.

View Ordered Region: You can see which region was ordered by clicking the region icon on the right side of the row.

If there are two or more products in the same order, expand the row by clicking the plus icon on the left side of the row. There will then be one region icon for each data product in the order.