On your Personal Orders page, the first table shows information about your past and current subscriptions:

  • the subscription ID (useful for referencing when communicating with support)
  • which products are part of the subscription
  • the format and projection you are subscribed to, if applicable
  • the expiration date of the subscription
  • select Cost to see the annual fee for the subscription
  • whether updates are available since you last downloaded the data
  • buttons to get updated data and see which region you’re subscribed to

Products are shown as a list by default. To expand the row and show products individually, click the plus button on the left side of the row.

Show Annual Fee

You can see the annual fee for each subscription in the Cost column in this table. Click the Show button to display the cost.

It will calculate the price and display it in that cell. You will be charged this amount the next time the subscription renews.

Get Updated Data For Your Subscriptions

You can get updates to your subscription in two ways. The first and easiest, on the top of the page, right beside your name, select “Updates”. Second, select Personal Orders page from the drop down menu beside your name and click the Get Updates link on the right side of the table for the subscription you wish to download. 

Note: If a subscription has expired, it will say "Expired" in this column.  If you didn't receive an email to renew your subscription, or if you can't find the email anymore, contact support to renew the subscription.

In the window that appears, choose which products to get updates for. (You may choose any or all of the products in the subscription.) Choose an “updates since” date from the datepicker. You will receive all updates from this date until today. Click the checkbox to agree to the license.

Click Get Updates. Your request will be processed and you will receive an email with a link to download the package when it is ready.  (Alternately, you can get up-to-date data from the map interface.)

View Subscription Region

You can see which region you’re subscribed to by clicking the region icon on the right side of the row.

If there are two or more products in the subscription, expand the row by clicking the plus icon on the left side of the row. There will then be one region icon for each data product in the subscription.