This python example contains two scripts, one that will tell you all the subscriptions and subscription products that you have, and one that will download the updates for one subscription.

You need to specify your API key in both scripts in order for them to access your subscription information.

Line 17: altalis_api_key = "insert api key here"

Run altalis_subscriptions_list script to get a full listing of all subscriptions and subscription products you have access to. Use the output from that script to determine which subscription and subscription products you would like to update in the other script.

Line 18: altalis_subscription_id = ###
Line 19: product_ids = ["###","###","###"]

The python scripts require the following python libraries:

import os
import zipfile
import datetime as datetime
import requests
import time

You may need to install them depending on the environment you are running the script in:

In Command Prompt or Terminal

> python -m pip install <package-name>