In this example there are two FME workspaces. These examples are intended to get you started you may need to make modification to suit your needs.

The first one AltalisAPI_Get.fmw can be used for any of the GET operations that are available in the API. The Second one AltalisAPI_PostUpdates.fmw will download the updates for the specific Subscription and product IDs you provide it.

In order to use these examples you will need to set some of the Published Parameters first.


This workspace is NOT for getting your data. Use this workspace to get the list of subscriptions and product IDs to put into the AltalsAPI_PostUpdates workspace example. This workspace calls the Altalis REST API with whatever GET request "Action". 

  • API_TOKEN: API key
  • Action: Get Subscriptions | Get Package Status | Download Package
  • Package_ID: [Optional] Set the package ID to check its readiness for download or to download
  • Output_Folder: [Optional] If Action=Download Package, set the destination path for the zip file


This workspace calls the Altalis REST API to begin processing the update package for a specified set of products within a subscription. While the package is prepared, its readiness is checked every 5 minutes. Once the package is ready, a zip file downloaded to a chosen output path.

  • API_TOKEN: API key
  • Subscription_ID: Subscription ID
  • Product_IDs: Comma-delimited list of products within the subscription
  • Changes_Since: Use the date/time picker to set the date. It will be converted to YYYY-MM-DD format. Selecting a date of 1900-01-01 will get the full data with all changes.
  • Output_Folder: Destination folder for the update package