The Altalis Rest API consists of four methods. Each of the methods has a root URL of

The Basic Order of Operations

  1. GET - Subscriptions : This is your starting point, run this method whenever you want to get a full listing of all your subscriptions and subscription products. The IDs returned in this method will not change unless you request changes to your subscription.
  2. POST - Subscription Updates : Next run this method to initiate a packaging process. After calling this, the servers will begin processing which subscription products you identified as wanting. This process can take some time (hours) depending on the size of your subscription area and how many products you are requesting. This method returns a package ID that you need to keep in order to check on its status and eventually download it in the future.

  3. GET - Package Status : Use this method to regularly check on the status of your package that you initiated. As soon as the package is marked as Finished it is ready to be downloaded using the download package method.

  4. GET - Package : Finally use this method to retrieve the ZIP package of a completed subscription update package.

Each method will respond with the following:

    globalInfoMsgs: Expected to be empty,
    globalWarnings: Expected to be empty,
    globalErrors: Expected to be empty,
    fieldErrors: Expected to be empty,
    data: Data to be consumed

The data portion of the response object will differ depending on the method being called.

Needed Headers

Accept: Each method requires "application/json" or "application/zip" for Download Package in the accept header.

AuthorizationEach method requires "Bearer <API_TOKEN>" in the authorization header. This API token is specific to your account and gives access to all your subscriptions. If you do not have an API token check out Getting Started with the API.